Saturday, September 22

Trip to Nova Scotia

Hello random 3 subscribers & people that want to be on project podcast.  Stealth-Maneuver will be put on hold as I will be in Nova Scotia for a week!  Not only can i not record myself talk, but I cant even play video games while I am there!  To be honest it will be a nice break from the city.

Billy I'm sure will post some compromising pics of me while I am gone to keep things entertaining.  Forkes should be in Ottawa soon, so maybe he will want to manage a podcast with us or on his own once his move is done.  Anyone else interested in learning/joining just comment or get our attention and we will get back to you!

Here is a picture of North America with Nova Scotia on it for you German viewers.  Now either there are 8 of you or just one person that checks in every few days... either way I am not saying Germans are bad at geography, its just to show where Nova Scotia is!



  1. That sounds like a super drug, and no I will not take Godspeed pills from you.