Tuesday, September 25

Obey my dog!

hey guys, it's bill! lol. Just thought I would write a little something because why not. I'm going to some amateur muai thai fights on sat with a few of my friends it should be sweet! Boarderlands 2 continues to be awesome and ruin my life lol. John and I will have to do a podcast when he gets back from lobster land.


  1. So ya , bill is lame so lame I must read every old post on this page, I look forward to every new post past post and future post, I'm hooked and I want a shaved dawg named billium Bates

  2. This can happen. Although, have you ever smelled a wet hairless billion bates? It looks how it smells. Delicious! Oh yeah a pint of Keith's is like 4 bucks in nova scotia. Érmergerd. Wtf did auto correct put an accent on Érmergerd? Latham bitches.