Thursday, October 4

Great Recording Last Night!

Just wanted to quickly shout out to the work all of us have put to into get the podcast going.  I listened to the raw audio of our cast last night and I laughed my ass off.  I think three people has a much smoother flow to it.  With two it can work for sure, but there are a lot more zingers and quick shots when three people are talking.  We are just waiting for a reply, because we wanted to promote a song in the cast. If we don't hear anything I will edit the song out like it never happened.  Would it not be nice if you could do that to everything in life (thats bad not just gonna stop there).

A definite improvement, and we found a web host that will let us put what appears to be unlimited files for people to stream or download.  The place is called The Internet Archive. All we have to is deem it public domain, and require the rights for all material as our own.  We want to do this as legit as possible and a free web host for our audio is what will greatly assist us in our goal of running an iTunes ranking podcast (if thats our goal, i think f***ing around is goal number 1 honestly).  Thanks again, and now back to sillyness.



  1. I just received word from Dan Bull about the music we used. Here is his reply

    Ha awesome, thanks a lot :D

    Yeah play my music whenever you want, remix it, parody it, I don't mind. Music should belong to everyone :)

    No one has deserved a spot on the Wall more than him

  2. OR ANY WALL, this man is amazing. I shall drink in his name before and after work from this point on!