Tuesday, October 30

Midnight Recording Tonight #harpereatsbabies

Hello friends,

So, we decided to do a midnight recording tonight.  It is always a very  loose idea of what topics we cover, but i promise something around passed Halloween stories, scary games that remind us of Halloween etc.  We have received a lot of positive feedback from friends, co-workers, Germany and Sweden... Ghana seems to have stopped checking the blog, so I shall miss you Ghana.  Anyways, all of the kind words and acts of inspiration will never be forgotten!  Thank you internet for all of your kindness and for making everything we are doing online absolutely free! (minus the $10 for the domain name... COME ON godaddy freebie in 2013?)

If anyone has a shoutout  event or wants a topic mentioned on the podcast feel free to comment, email or twitter us @stealthmaneuver  (the twitter account is on the right panel of the page).  I seriously have my phone set to tell me when I get a twitter update.  Next step is to think about a live recording.  It would be cool to have a few live listeners to record and talk to!

Look for the new show to be uploaded Thursday 2012-11-01  :)



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