Friday, October 26

Podcast Tracking Lesson & Results

Hey friends,

Here is the action the podcast had yesterday.  We use feedburner as our RSS feed creator.  What it does is specifically locate audio files in our blog and makes a list that podcatchers like iTunes for example can play.  It also has every post on the blog.  In fact a blog is merely an RSS feed hosted on a webpage, which in this case is Blogger.  Blogger also provides an RSS feed, but it is not really the best or it is possibly outdated from what I have read.  I am not a professional so my apologies to anyone pro blogger (even though you do an amazing job at blog hosting... I love you for letting people blog for free thank you!)

Here is a shot of the feedburner dashboard for our feed
This is well above expectations, and this is action only on Oct.25.  Pretty exciting considering we do this for shits and giggles.  The operation of figuring out how to podcast is well underway!  I personally have figured something else out by listening to other podcasts.  It seems that good podcasts start out by friends coming together and by word of mouth alone you can have a healthy high level of subscribers.  Anyone interested in coming on or maybe even wanting your own podcast shoot me a comment or email and I would love to help!

Take care guys, and watch out for Billy's beard!