Sunday, October 7

So Productive When I am Sick!

Quick shout out to the people that check in to the blog. We recommend subscribing to our Blog with Google reader using the link on the right section of the page. Our current host (internet archive) does not allow downloading of files through Itunes (or if it does, there is a work around I do not know about). Itunes works as a "podcatcher", and it is the tool that gets the podcast to your device basically. Right now we have files set up to listen on the webpage, or you can download the file and play it as you wish.

 To be honest, all Itunes does is reach a larger crowd anyways. Internet archive will work for the time being. After all we still require the most important thing about a podcast which is obviously more shows! I would like to apologize if anyone finds it difficult getting the files on their devices. send an email or comment and I will make every attempt to help ASAP. Podcasts are great to listen to while driving, at the gym, walking or working. I suggest you give it a try! Sometimes I get sick of the same old songs on my playlist and having a laugh at a podcast really makes time fly!

 I have the bitchiest cold ever and wanted to record today, but its just not in the cards. I am so excited about a secret project that I cant wait to upload for our 4 Canadian and 3 German listeners (how i could i forget you Germany, I love you!). Later all, and thanks for the fb, tweets, comments of support!

PS: I got love for you tooGhana, but you just read the blog you do not download or stream the podcast... I CAN TELL THESE THINGS!