Wednesday, November 7

Recording Tonight, also new player w/ playlist!

So, another Wednesday has arrived and that means time to remember all the games we have read about, played, love and hate so we can share it all with the deepest parts of the nether a.k.a the internet.  I noticed 100 or so downloads of the file hosted, but not a lot of people go through the process of subscribing.  Mind you we have wayyyy more subscribers than I ever thought though so thank you all who have subscribed!

Since some people seem to be listening to the files through a web browser, I figured I would attempt to make that easier for you guys.  Here is a basic player with a playlist that you can click to select the show you want.  I will have to talk to Reddie about where to put it in the future.  I am going to throw it under the podcast section for now.  Thanks to all of the new friends we have made, and it is nice to hear from other podcasters that listen to our show.  A big thanks to you guys/gals!


PS: We got mentioned in a Healthcare Today online newspaper... Your guess is as good as mine but whatever... Chris Reddie got his narrative on a website that had health tips and info on bladder cancer.  The internet is an amazing place.  I think they thought it was an article on Hangovers and how to cure them.  Apparently punching someone in the face helps.

Love you!  Here is the article:

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