Tuesday, November 6

A little narrative I wrote "The Hangover"

As the sun rises over the horizon. The streetsweepers make their way down the streets in a ballet of cleanliness. wiping away the grime from the night before. A beautiful Saturday morning. Even the birds are happy to be alive.

Then you wake up.

You open your eyes with only the vague memory of what happened the night before and a hope that it won't come back to haunt you. The first cigarette of the morning is lit and you look around the room. Terrified! Afraid that you have ruined your day. Wondering if that familiar feeling of a Mach truck hitting you at terrifying speed will greet you at the first step.

The world is hazy and confusing, you decide it would be a much better idea to sleep it off, but then it hits you. The feeling of a full bladder. You try to put it off, but you know soon that you're finally going to have to greet the day. So you stand, while mentally rolling the dice hoping not to get those evil snake eyes. You put your first foot down, and then the other.

You stand up.

You pick yourself up off the floor and again attempt to make it to the bathroom. You get there, and your body is screaming "NO! PLEASE STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!?" and "Shit at least get me a glass of water". So like a denizen of the forest you listen to your instincts. Logic is thrown out the window as you chug that water down... Bear Trap! You puke, but it's not your regular vomit this time, this time it is a mix of water and shame.

The shower starts and the memories come flooding back. Questions like "Why did I...?" or "What the hell was I thinking when...?"  So you finish your shower and put your clothes on, backwards and take that long walk to the local coffee shop. That lady behind the counter smiles at you, so you punch her in the face and take a coffee, leaving the correct change and an ice pack on the counter.  You go to work, thinking how nice it would be to burn your place of employment down to the ground, you almost do it too.

After work some of the guys are going out for beers. You go too. Rinse, Lather, and repeat the previous day.

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