Monday, November 5

New week

Hey there Ladies and Gents and Animals and Bacteria and umm... jetplanes?

We've hit a new week, so here is the roundup. On Thursday we will be releasing podcast number 005 which is huge because if you wrote it backwards it would be 500 and that's halfway to a thousand. So that's great... Sometime during the week, maybe tonight we will be doing a live stream of borderlands. Also we're hoping to get a let's play done and up on a youtube channel.

In other news, we've been listening to some of the #Deathsquad podcasts and those guys are pretty damn awesome. You should check them out on twitter. The three I've chatted with the most are:

The Izzy

Hiding from My wife

Whiskey HH Jackson


And they are all super nice, funny guys so check them out. 

But I will leave you with that you wonderful bastards and we will make sure to let you guys know when we do all of that gaming crap

What do you guys think we should play? Reply in the comments below.

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